Maturity Assessment

Cyber and Information Security Maturity Assessment

Improve your security program with a business risk approach

A cyber security maturity assessment encompasses traditional information security risk assessments and “health checks” to provide businesses with a clear understanding of their current security posture and options to improve it.

The assessment will highlight risks to your business from gaps in your information and cyber security policies and procedures, and what is required to meet various framework requirements in respect of a 3rd party risk requirement, regulatory body, or tender submission.

Our consultants and engineers work with you to help you understand the top cyber security risks in your specific environment, and then provide you with a roadmap of improvement measures that suit your business needs and maturity.

How It Works

A Cyber Maturity Assessment is the baseline for a lot of companies looking to uplift their security, aligned with the standards applicable to its specific business needs. This may include adhering to a particular framework or selecting a hybrid approach to better suit a business’ requirements.

Frameworks our engineers are familiar with include:

  • ISO 27001
  • NIST
  • ASD Essential Eight
  • VDSS
  • Australian Privacy Principles

This service begins with a detailed series of questions to enable a comprehensive view of your existing security environment as well as a full understanding of your unique business needs. This may be based on a desired outcome, or on an outcome agreed through requirements analysis.

From there, we can determine your current security posture against the target state with a focus on business objectives, critical systems, identified risks, and control effectiveness.

At the end of the assessment process, you’ll be provided with a gap analysis and risk assessment, along with a suggested remediation roadmap with an emphasis on addressing the highest impact and risk areas in a way that’s appropriate to your business.